Welcome to the website of the Causeway Lodge (No. 7588). 

The Causeway Lodge (No. 7588) has been established in Horsham since 24 April 1958 and we are pleased to invite you to our friendly, growing and progressive lodge of Freemasons. Masonic lodges in the UK nowadays, typically have 15 to 30 members and we are no exception – our lodge normally has between 20 and 30 members, though in recent history we were far fewer in numbers. We have been actively seeking to expand our numbers over the last ten years, so we are probably twice as big as we were back then.

Whether you are just Inquisitive, whether you are a Prospective Member, or indeed if you are an Existing Member of another lodge needing a lodge in Horsham, Causeway prides itself on sharing friendship, awareness, knowledge and learning. We encourage new and established brethren to focus on expanding their knowledge through friendship, an education programme, social events and sharing ideas at informal discussions, whether online or in small groups.  Apart from enjoying the many benefits of Freemasonry, unless in times of emergency, we are a socially active lodge, regularly hosting events and nights out with brethren, friends and family – in more difficult times, we meet just as frequently through on-line “Zoom” events.

The Causeway Lodge would be delighted to invite you to meet one or more of us, for an informal chat and for us all to start to know each other better. As with every organisation we have procedures to follow before welcoming new or joining members, and every one of us has been through a similar process when we first became Freemasons.

If you have any questions about Freemasonry why not visit our ‘About Freemasonry‘ page and if you would like to learn more about Freemasonry and The Causeway Lodge (No. 7588) then feel free to get in touch with us via our ‘Contact Us’ page. We will try to respond within a couple of days.

As you will see we are a friendly, sociable team and are always welcome your interest in the work we do for the community and public at large.  To the outside world we seek worthy causes, with an emphasis on local needs, as well as supporting initiatives of National and Worldwide significance. We take pride in being a friendly Lodge, and our members are from an interesting variety of backgrounds.

On behalf of all of the Causeway Lodge Brethren we encourage you to be curious and ask you to Contact Us. Please visit our ‘Interested In Joining‘ page if you would like to speak to one of our Brethren about being a member of the Lodge