The Causeway Lodge (No. 7588) in Horsham hopes to expand its membership with like-minded new members; some say that part of our mission is to “make good men better”.  Our traditions might, in some small way, help to return the this world of disorder and chaos into something better, both on an individual and at a socialogical level. Freemasons share commitments to our society – commitments to conscience.

Our every word and deed should be a reflection of our conscience. Of course we are as flawed as anyone else, but the effort is worth undertaking. Being a Freemason probably means something different for every member. For some, its a brotherhood, a family – for others, there is intellectual challenge – for yet others, it’s about the deeper mysteries.

However, there are four key reasons to join us, founded on our four guiding principles of integrity, friendship, respect and charity. By “Charity” we don’t mean just money – we give our time and energies to helping those less fortunate than ourselves.


Integrity: Become a better person

As Freemasons, we’re focused on building ourselves as people of improved integrity. When faced with any choice in life, this means learning how to take the “right path”, not necessarily the “easiest path”.

As a Freemason, the familiar structure and rituals of our meetings will provide you with a framework that will help you to make the right choices, and so reach your true potential as a member of society. Embedded in our “metaphorical” ceremonies are those deeper truths that are common to all religions.

Friendship: Gain strength through our camaraderie

Becoming a Freemason is an excellent way of making new friends, many of which will last for life. And because Freemasonry brings together people from so many walks of life, many of these friendships will be with people you’d never otherwise have met – making them all the more special.

It’s this diversity and our ‘team spirit’ that will help you as a Freemason get through those difficult times that we’re faced with on our journey through life.

Respect: Help us bring society together

As Freemasons, we value the things that bring us together, and celebrate the diversity amongst our members.

By becoming a Freemason, you’ll learn to put aside superficial differences such as race and religion that can divide societies. Instead, you’ll learn to approach people with a more open mind, and to value them for who they truly are.

Charity: Make a difference to good causes

Kindness and charitable giving are deeply ingrained within the principles of Freemasonry.

As a Freemason, you’ll be part of an organisation with a long track record of giving to charitable causes. Whether you contribute your time or expertise to raise funds, or contribute financially yourself, you can be sure it will all be used to make a positive, lasting difference to those who need it most.

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